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Found Movement Group does not have any performances in the near future, however we will start community classes soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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Community Class: Mystic Flow with Abra Myles

This class is an exploration based experience, where we will merge our passion for movement and our engagement with faith and spirituality. This class is an inclusive space for all faith traditions, beliefs, and backgrounds, as we are not bound by religion nor seek to convert anyone to a specific religious system. This is an open space to investigate how our spiritual being can integrate with our physical being to help inform our craft as movers and artists. We will seek to reimagine the full embodiment of movement through codified technique, improvisation, phrase work, and meditation/mindfulness practices, as a means to create inclusive communities and encounter a divine presence. We will reclaim our faith traditions and develop healthy spiritual practice, and we will work to restore our relationships to our bodies, minds, and souls, as we come out of places of shame and enter places of acceptance and wholeness. In addition to moving our bodies, we will also engage in the practice of discussion. Sharing verbally is not required, but you are invited to open yourself to the various possibilities that exist within vulnerability and connecting with others. All levels of movement experiences welcome.