For those who were able to attend our premiere gala of the year, we truly hope you enjoyed yourselves.

If you felt inspired and yearning for more, then you're in luck!

Fmg will be hosting a new years EVE embracing spaces event in collaboration with old glory of edgehill!

Follow our instagram @fmgdance to stay up to date with more information on this event! 

Watch our Embracing Spaces recap below!

Embracing Spaces

a site specific & immersive Gala

Embracing Spaces is a private immersive event which blurs the line of guest and performer. This intimate performance leads each guest to experience humor, heartache, anticipation, & lust. Through our "Event Animation" we use dance and performance art to bring a new & exciting take on spaces, venues, & events- your guests are sure to remember this one of a kind performance as they may find themselves amidst the performers throughout the night, or possibly even pulled into a choreographed piece! 

Our Event Animation is the perfect way to add an extra kick to any corporate business event in which you want to inspire your guests and clients! 

We are extremely excited about this new year and would love for you to be present as we kick off our 2017/2018 season under the direction of Stacie Flood-Popp & Cailin Manning!

Refreshments and drinks will be served.

Please email for ticket inquiries

(click below to get a sneak peek!)

Found Movement Group Auditions!

Come Join us Sunday August 13th 12-7pm and Nashville School of the Arts

We are pleased to introduce our new directors for Found Youth!

• "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." •


In 2007 co-artistic directors Stacie Flood-Popp and Erin Law began to establish an open community through dance and movement that maintains responsibility to social consciousness. Stacie and Erin have worked together in an effort to bring quality movement education and choreographic artistry to the Nashville dance community, and have expanded to over 25 company members and apprentices.