Found Movement Group
Immerse yourself in the passion of movement


Found Movement Group is a diverse ensemble of movers integrated to form a creative whole. We are the overlooked because of shape, size, race, gender, education (or lack there of), having too much of one style but wanting to train in another, not having enough training, and the list goes on. We are the lost who have found each other.

Found was established in 2006 to fill the absence of hardhitting dance in Nashville. The company's mission is to establish an open community by addressing real life issues through the lens of dance and movement theatre. The company explores the unspoken trials which we all seem to face but no one wants to admit. Our vision is to expose Nashville to choreography that maintains responsibility to social consciousness.

Stacie M. Flood-Popp, in collaboration with the company, creates athletic movement which is an amalgamation of all genres. With a background in visual art, Flood-Popp’s work is constantly presented in a visually stimulating aesthetic. Found provides their spectators an opportunity to dive into a world which is set in nontraditional performance settings, innovative lighting design and intricate costumes all topped off with acrobatic choreography and physical acting.

Found Movement Group is now under the umbrella of The FOUNDation: An Artistic Realm, LLC