Found Movement Group
Immerse yourself in the passion of movement

Executive Director: Stacie M. Flood-Popp


After receiving her degree in Visual Arts from Wittenberg University, Stacie moved to Paris, France to study as an apprentice under visual artist and professor at Parsons School of Design, David Loeb. During her stay in Paris, Stacie found herself falling in love with another form of visual art, dance. She started classes at Cite' Veron and Studio Harmonic; focusing on modern, jazz, hip hop, salsa and contemporary. After only one year, she trained professionally under Jean Claude Marignale, Dominique Lesdema, Christopher Huggins, Bruno Collinet and Beverley DeFosses. Stacie also danced in Marginale's company, Tout en Danse. After she moved back to the States, she started to train in Vagonova, West African dance, and Bartenieff Fundamentals. After returning to Nashville, Stacie worked closely with world renowned choreographer Andre Fuentes and danced with Collide Dance under Erica Sobol.

For the past 18 years, Stacie has taught at Nashville School of the Arts (NSA). At NSA, she developed dancers who have performed with The Louisville Ballet, Boston Ballet, Celine Dion, Donna Summer, DCDC and various other professionals in the concert and commaercial dance community. She has served as dance faculty at Vanderbilt University Dance Program and was chosen to be a visiting artist at American College Dance Festival, RADfest, and Big River Dance Festival.

In 2016, Stacie earned her certification in Laban Movement Analysis through the Integrated Movement Studies Program at the University of Utah. After her certification, Stacie has studied with Deborah Hay, Christopher Roman, KJ Holmes, and other great dance makers of the current times.

Artist Statement:

Movement found me. I have a passion to move, teach, and create experiences that will deeply impact each individual. I wish for my work to have a lasting impression that will linger in the minds and hearts of spectators. I want to inspire thought, motivation, and awareness among my audience members. In teaching, my goal is to prove to the movers that they can. I do not allow for the “cannots,” but help find the “maybe ifs.” Since movement is life, I teach and create from this concept. I believe that age does not determine the significance of life experiences; we all evolve in different ways and in varied timelines. I want to challenge the artists with whom I surround myself to achieve purposeful physicality and to be able to access emotional intent from the depths of their beings.

I do not want to be known as a person but as a wake that is left behind. I lead and create with the influence of honesty and artistry. I fully invest in my projects. One of my mentors, Peggy Hackney, said “without change there is no movement.” I have embraced that change is constant and so I am always assessing and asking “how can I make it better and where is there room for change?"

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